Front page?

2008-04-22 11:24:35 by Ginchy

1000 times made the front page audio section? I'm absolutely thrilled! Thanks NG! There's lots of new music on the way, so stay tuned.

Front page?

collaborating 101

2007-12-20 11:45:30 by Ginchy

hey folks!

i've had a few miner headaches regarding collaborations lately. don't expect me to collaborate if the following applies (the items listed below are moot if you're willing to pay for my services):

1. You don't actually plan on posting the fruits of our labor.

yes, i realize you're all perfectionists, but at this point i've done two collabs through NG and neither of my co-composers wanted to post them.

let me simplify this for you... my payoff for doing vocals and collaborating on songs is getting to post them and have people actually hear them and give me feedback.

2. You just want me to add vocals to back up your music

Ok, I'm not really interested in coming up with lyrics and a melody so that it can be put in the background of some crappy synth unless you only need back-up singing (and if that's the case, you'll probably only get my voice unless it's convenient for one of my female singers)

3. You only want a few seconds of singing and you want someone other than me to do it

Setting up my recording equipment and getting one of my singers to take time off their busy schedules for a minute of singing is a waste of their and my time. If you have a five minute techno song that you want a vocalist to sing for one minute on then you'd probably better look somewhere else.

4. Know what you want and be able to communicate that to me.

Now, i love to collaborate and have some say as to the creative process, but if you just say 'I want some lyrics about good times' and then turn around and say you don't like the lyrics i've written, then don't expect me to re-record new lyrics after the fact.

You need to be clear about what you want or write the lyrics yourself! My time is valuable and I have stuff that I'm getting paid to do.

5. Don't be a control freak

people who send me emails that are pages long describing what they want kind of wig me out a bit. this is supposed to be fun, right? if i have absolutely no say in what's being written, then it's not really a collaboration. at that point i and my singers are being treated like instruments and that's not fun for me.

just wanted to clarify those things for future reference.

collaborating 101


2007-08-06 04:31:00 by Ginchy

I'm glad for any comment you can give me on my songs everybody.

I'm not terribly interested in getting famous, but am more interested in writing songs that are eclectic yet still maintain a sense of melody. I love to collaborate. Submissions are infrequent, but I have tons of songs, and hardly any time to record them.

I write a lot of songs with my sister (she sings all the stuff except Average Terminal that has a female voice) which tends to be a bit darker. I have a lot of friends that aren't musically inclined that contribute (i believe that everybody has at least 1 good song in them!). I like to get other people to write lyrics, but usually I do it all myself.

I write the music and play the instruments in my apartment while attending college (between calculus and science classes). Someday I'll graduate and hopefully then I'll have more time to write and record.

No, I don't usually dress like that.