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Pat!M // Can You Tell (Instr.) Pat!M // Can You Tell (Instr.)

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you need vocals? I can sing this for you if you like.

Alone (Original) Alone (Original)

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Cool beans

Heard this on your myspace. I have to say that your production is improving by leaps and bounds! Did you change up your methods? I may be asking for your advice in the future. I'm glad to hear you doing something that has a little more kick than a lot of your other stuff.

The guitar leads during the verse (starting at 1:50) harken back to Queen ala Innuendo. Props to your guitar guy.

I'd like to hear you roll off some of the bass and turn up the mids on your vocals in the chorus (they get buried under that wall of instruments which is a shame). You going to pay to get this stuff mastered for your album? Keep 'em coming man.

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AlexSandford responds:

Wow, you're a sharp listener! Yeah, I did some tweaks on the song for the album, one of them was bringing out the chorus vocals more.

As for the methods, yes. One of which is using a full band, better mics, and I know a lot more about music then I did back then. Particularly when it comes to arrangement.

My guitar guy must be the best guitarist in the Inland Empire. He's amazing. Sean Johnson.

The masterers within my price range really wouldn't make much a difference. I mean the amplitude is fine, and the EQ is fairly balanced. I'm happy the way it is.

I absolutely love getting detailed reviews like this. Thanks so much!

Mad World Cover Mad World Cover

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you've got some mad-talent man, and a great voice that emotes really well. A little a pitchy here and there though (your double track harmony at 2:28).

The pitchyness happens a little more after you change key. An interesting addition arrangement-wise, but as far as execution I don't think it really works because that particular key doesn't seem to work as well for your voice.

I'm a fan man. Keep 'em coming!

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&amp;lt;&amp;lt;Worlds Apart (Jars Cover)&amp;gt;&amp;gt; <<Worlds Apart (Jars Cover)>>

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nice voice you've got there. would sound better with the whistles and bells that come with some processing and eq-ing, but do with what you have right? The arrangement was a little bland... that is, there was very little variation (dynamics, strum pattern etc) as far as four minute acoustic guitar vocal songs go.

Would like to hear some original compositions from you. Buy yourself a decent microphone and recording program. Clean up that guitar (weird frequency ringing in there) and keep on doing your thing.

SatoDraygonFist2 responds:

The way i record all of this is painfully basic. I sit with a 12 string acoustic in front of a macbook, and i record the guitar part first so that's why the strum pattern is rather uninspired. Thank you for your words, and I'll sure take into consideration what you say!

=[Dancing in your Arms]= =[Dancing in your Arms]=

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great synth parts

I really enjoyed your leads, and the octave bass. A Great addition to a pop song that focuses more on mood than having a catchy melody. The song is very pleasing to my ears sonically (the sound of her voice, the harmony, the synths all sound warm).

I personally like more melody based pop, but that's just me. The whole thing reminds me of the Rentals.

My taste (and I don't vote based on that) would be to hear it faster. The song is about dancing right? It's not really a dance-able tempo. More variation (in instrumentation and dynamics)... like a lot more, would help keep my interest. The break down at 3 min was very welcomed, but came so late.

The song is pleasing sonically but after a while I just sort of space out listening to it. It makes me a bit sleepy.. it's just this pillow of synths (which may be what you are going for), but it's not very 'catchy' in the pop sense. It doesn't really have a hook (in my opinion). Maybe back off during the verses in instrumentation... let the vocals take the focus. Just my two cents.

Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing more.

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SpK*) - Schanjhezx SpK*) - Schanjhezx

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i dig it

i'm loving this caucophonus mess. no decipherable key. the drums are in 4, but the rest is all over the place. neat stuff. keep it up.

Spikrodd responds:

actually there not, i set the tempo at 82 and when i placed the drums at that speed, it sounded generic :/

Anyways, thx 4 teh review and possible 5 i think!

Ionomizer Ionomizer

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cool man

hey man,
this is really cool. Has potential to be a groovin' alternative rock song. But as it is, you can't really call it pop. This belongs in the techno catagory. I sure dig it though.

delete-my-account responds:

I didn't know what category to put it in. Anyhow, i didn't choose the category.

The Worst Song Ever The Worst Song Ever

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sometimes i think of your fingerpicking

nice finger pickin' yo.

Dreams (Final Cut)! Dreams (Final Cut)!

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Very moving

There are just certain combinations in regards to Lyricism, phrasing, meter and chord progression that seem to make songs poignant and moving. I wish I could figure out that combination... but maybe it's not to figure out, maybe it just happens.
You wrote a great melody, and though the words are simple, they sum up a lot of feelings that I think most people have. I appreciate your reasons for the sparsity of this arrangement, but I'd also like to hear a full band version of this... If you don't, I might just record it myself =)Alex did a great job singing this. I also liked the solo @ about 3:20

Sometimes I wake up still asleep, Escape the world, escape my mind. Great lyrics.

Naitzmic responds:

Glad you liked it.
If you wanna make a fully orchestrated version, you're more than welcome to do so. I'd be excited to hear it.

Thank you very much.

Eleven-Eleven Eleven-Eleven

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Neat idea

I like that it's bass-line driven. I'd take it easy on the auto-tune though man.